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NTUST Language Center
Application for Waiving English Courses, Fall 2018
  1. Application period is from 2018/9/10 (Mon) to 2018/9/21(Fri).
    • *Application after the deadline is NOT accepted.
  2. All four-year undergraduate students at NTUST are eligible applicants.
  3. Follow these steps to apply:
  1. The Language Center is at Office IB-207 on the second floor of the International Building.
  • To apply for the proof of completion of the NTUST English Proficiency test, click here.
  • The Language Center will contact you via email or cell phone should you fail the review. Please check your email and cell phone.
  • Should fraudulent documents be found, the applicant cannot waive any courses and is subject to the penalties for violating school rules.
  • To know more about the details of the rules regarding waiving English courses, please refer to NTUST Regulations on English Competency Requirements and Q&A of English Placement Test and NTUST English Proficiency.
  • Next application period is from 2019/1/7 (Mon) to 2019/1/18 (Fri).
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