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NTUST Language Center
【News】Application for the completion of NTUST English Proficiency Test, Fall 2018
  1. Application period is from 2018/9/10 (Mon) to 2018/9/21 (Fri).

*Application after the deadline is NOT accepted.

  1. All four-year undergraduate students who have passed a standardized English test at CEFR B1 level or above are eligible applicants.
  2. Follow these steps to apply:

Step 1】: Fill out this online form:

Step 2:Bring an original copy and a photocopy of the grade report/certificate of your English test (taken within two years after entering the university).

Step 3:An academic transcript from the university ( The academic transcript can be collected at the Automatic Pay Station on the first floor of the Administration Building.)


  1. The Language Center is at Office IB-207 on the second floor of the International Building. The contact number is (02)2730-3795.

  2. To apply for the proof of completion of the NTUST English Proficiency test, click here.
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